Planning on banquet, birthday, company party or a friends party? Every celebration will be better at our place. We will consider all of your wishes and preferences.

Our managers will help you to choose the best dishes for you based on your bydget and wishes. We are always available in case you will have any questions. The main thing to do is to book a date so we can offer you the best option for your celebration.

You will find here an amazing and comfortable atmosphere, freat service and delicious dishes. We will do anything we can for you, so you can get only positive emotions and great service.
We offer you to order cakes that you can enjoy at our place during the celebration of your birthday, anniversary or friendly gatherings,
as well as take them home to celebrate with your family.

We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our cakes are especially delicious and remain fresh for a long time.
Our chef has unique cooking techniques that you can appreciate yourself if you try our dessert.

If you want to enjoy every bite of this delicious cake with a cup of coffee or even a glass of sparkling wine, click on the “Make an order” button,
and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Wine casino is a unique opportunity to feel like a real somilier, even without any special skills. It's an opportunity to enjoy a huge amount of different varieties of wine and test your intuition for luck.

We offer you a lots of different kinds of wines. Before we start the game, every participant will get chips for a particular amount so they can use itfor bids. The game process is like a quiz for fans or profeccional tasters.

Our somilier uncorks a bottle and pur a glass for every player, so they can analize the wine grade. Then players make bids for one or more characteristics: the origin country, wine grade, the year of harvest, alcohol percentage and barrel aging. If your bet was profitable your chips banl will encrease, but if you were wrong just enjoy the taste of wine, we are sure your next bet will be profibale.

Wine casino is not just about the gamble, but a great opportunity to know more about the world of wine and enlarge your tasting experience.

We are waiting for you to dive into the atmosphere of a real wine casino where any bet can be decisive!

Forget all you knew about lambics! We will show you the unique and unforgettable tasting of this amazing drink from Belgium. The tasting will be conducted by the fan of lambics! Open yourself new textures, flavors and enjoy every sip.

Out expert will provide you through the world of knowledge and experience. They will tell you about the intricacies of production and the history of the drink. The tasting it's a great opportunity to meet this amazing drink and open new hastronomic horizons

Don't miss your chance to dive into the world of lambics and learn all the secrets. Book a place today and we guarantee unforgettable evening full of flavors and emotions.
Dear friends! We are welcome you for a unique opportunity to taste wine at out amazing gastropub. The host is Alexey Parkhov, our beloved sommilier who will be pleased to guide you through the world of wine.

We offer you to try special wine combinations, gathered by out sommilier. There are a lot of unique wine grades, don't forget to keep an eye on the announcements on our website or Telegram.

We hold events twice per month and they will become a great way to gather together with friends, family or colleagues. Don't miss a chance to try exquisite wines and learn more about the great world of wine at our comfortable gastropub.